Military-Patriotic Park of Culture and Recreation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation

On June 16, 2015, Patriot Park (the Military-Patriotic Park of Culture and Recreation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation) was opened in the town of Kubinka near Moscow. The opening of the park coincided with the Army 2015 International Military and Technical Forum. Avilex acted as a system integrator for audiovisual systems and advertising systems on the park grounds.

A new large culture, exposition and business center of the Ministry of Defense of Russia occupies an area of more than five hectares near Kubinka. It took less than five months to build the first phase of the project, including the permanent structures of a press center, a defense industry cluster, the congress and exhibition center facilities (exhibition pavilions, forum management headquarters, and restaurants), retail outlets, a closed area for demonstration of defense industry products, open areas for machinery demonstration, registration and security check areas, and transport infrastructure facilities, such as a railway station, helicopter pads, and a parking lot with six thousand car spaces. In addition, facilities in the area for demonstration of fire and moving capabilities of armored force vehicles and machinery and capabilities of weapons and military equipment for the Alabino water crossing and those in the aviation equipment demonstration area at the Kubinka air facility were fit out.

The use of state-of-the-art IT technology, communication lines and multimedia systems is one of the key aspects in outfitting a modern congress and exhibition center.

A set of multimedia solutions implemented by Avilex includes media façades on buildings, conference rooms, meeting rooms, and a distributed broadcasting system connected by a flexible network infrastructure that enables the transmission of audio and video signals between different functional areas.

The implementation of these solutions has provided communications at a modern and high-tech level, convenient navigation and registration of visitors, and a visually rich environment for all event attendees.

The Company’s work in the preparation and holding of the Army 2015 International Military and Technical Forum was highly appreciated by the Ministry of Defense of Russia — Avilex received the Forum awards for the implementation of the audiovisual and interactive technologies for informing visitors.


Media façades


Press Center media façade

A unique circular media façade with an area of 125,200 х 10,200 mm comprised of vertical modules based on Nichia LEDs (Japan) with a pixel pitch of 16 х 25 mm was installed along the perimeter of the Press Center building designed as a cylinder. The media façade has a brightness of 6,000 nits, allowing for the display of content in bright sunlight.  Thanks to the lattice structure of the media façade, the rooms inside the building get enough light and the architectural look of the building is maintained.

A special system was developed to mount the media façade on the building structure to allow access to all maintainable elements of the LED curtain. In order to ensure convenient operation, the power supply units and control hardware of the façade are placed in designated boxes in the parapet along the perimeter of the roof.

The media façade is integrated into the centralized display control system of the Patriot Park, making it possible to display live broadcasts from live demonstration areas, programs of events, presentations, subject-specific photos and video materials, and bumpers.

A dynamic multi-window image on the media façade is generated by a designated video processor.


Media façade at the exhibition pavilion for closed demonstrations

The exhibition pavilion for closed demonstrations is designed to display the latest solutions in the Russian defense industry.

The pavilion has a media façade comprised of two LED video screens positioned at an angle to each other. Each screen is 12,800 x 5,760 mm in size and has a pixel pitch of 8 mm. The screens are used to display content about activities that take place both in the Defense Industry Cluster and other zones of the Park, welcoming and presentation materials, and real-time video broadcasts.

In addition, Avilex provided the Defense Industry pavilion with an entire set of audiovisual equipment, such as LED screens in the main exhibition pavilion, offices, corridors, lobby, lounges, and equipment for conference and meeting rooms.


Conference rooms


Big conference hall in the Press Center building

The main room in the press center is a conference hall of 500 seats designed for meetings, press conferences and ceremonial activities.

The main display facility in the conference hall is a panoramic high-resolution LED video screen. The LED technology has been chosen because the room features a large area of glazing and hence bright natural lighting. High-resolution LED video screen is the only technology capable of providing high brightness and contrast in such an environment, along with a high information capacity. The screen is 12,800 х 2,700 mm in size and covers nearly the entire wall behind the presidium area. This unconventional solution makes it possible to simultaneously work with a large number of information flows, such as video conferencing, the event’s agenda, the current presentation, a video broadcast from a live demonstration area, etc.

With a pixel pitch of 2.5 mm, the system features a resolution level sufficient to clearly see the image from the first rows of the seating area.

Two duplicate video walls for the presidium are installed opposite to the main screen.  The seats in the presidium and the speaker’s stand are provided with conference system consoles and touch monitors that allow for making graphical comments on the presentation materials displayed.

The sound system is built on linear arrays and professional surround sound systems to provide high-quality uniform sound, high speech intelligibility and required flexibility in use. To cater for the needs associated with various cultural events, the hall is provided with a stage lighting system.

For the purposes of record keeping and video conferencing, the hall is equipped with controllable high-resolution PTZ video cameras. To ensure the possibility to participate for foreign delegations and press corps, a multi-language simultaneous interpretation system with wireless signal distribution was installed.

The audiovisual system can be controlled both from the operator’s workstation located in the hall and from the central control room. 


VIP conference rooms in the Press Center building

The Press Center building has several meeting rooms, with two of them designated for VIP guests.  Each of the VIP meeting rooms has a LED screen with a pixel pitch of 1.6 mm and a resolution of 1,920 х 1,080 pixels (Full HD), making it possible to work both with ordinary presentations and information that requires a high level of detailing.

Duplicate displays for negotiation participants are available in the center of the table. The rooms are also equipped with a conference system, a sound system and a mobile simultaneous interpretation system for participants sitting at the tables and invited viewers.

These rooms are transformable and can be combined into a single large hall to accommodate a session with a large number of participants.

What deserves a special mention is a meeting room designed for roundtable meetings.

A distinctive feature of the room is that it has two LED screens which are located along an arc opposite to each other on the walls of a round room, adding to its unique design. The room is circular in shape and has a glass ceiling in the form of a star.

Each screen has a pixel pitch of 1.6 mm and is 9,600 х 1,800 mm in size. The image on the screens is generated by video processors. Duplicate displays are set on the central octagonal console in the center of the table and each workstation is provided with a conference system console. Motorized monitors that can automatically rise from a horizontal position are installed on the table to display information at the workplaces.

Specialized loudspeaker systems are used to provide sound in the acoustically complex room.

For the purposes of video conferencing and record keeping of events, the hall has six high-resolution video cameras that can shoot from different angles and be automatically pointed at the speaker.

The conference rooms and meeting rooms were designed while keeping information security requirements in mind.


Centralized control of audiovisual equipment

The Park’s multimedia equipment is controlled and the events are supported and provided with technical support on a centralized basis from two control rooms:  the central control room in the Press Center building and the control room in the Exhibition Pavilion for closed demonstrations. The control rooms are provided with display equipment of a high 4K information capacity designed to monitor information shown on the system displays and prepare presentation content, video camera control consoles in the halls, and touch panels of the control system.

The Park’s multimedia systems are built on a centralized basis and enable monitoring and flexible switching of video and audio streams between the signal sources, video cameras and display devices both in rooms inside the buildings and in various functional areas of the Park.

The workstations available in the control room are as follows:

·     a video director who controls video cameras in the halls, mixes video signals and generates a program signal for video studios;

·     a program director who is responsible for making graphic layouts on all video screens;

·     a sound engineer who manages mixing of audio signals, the sensitivity levels of microphones and other sources; and

·     supportive multi-functional workstations.

Special interfaces were developed for operators’ touch control panels in the control rooms to enable management of all the functions of the audiovisual subsystems in the conference and meeting rooms from these workstations, such as displaying information on the screens, switching signals, turning microphone consoles on and off through discussion systems, mixing sound signals, turning equipment on and off in a centralized manner, and other system functions. The functionality for remote monitoring of equipment operability is also available.

​The central control room is provided with interfacing with mobile television studios of TV channels that are installed on designated platforms and has equipment for generating program output video signals for them.

A booking system was installed in permanent structures of the Park for managing the utilization of meeting rooms and conference halls. It allows for booking meeting rooms both from the administrator’s workstation and directly from the touch panels installed at the entrance to meeting rooms, and provides information about the current and scheduled utilization.


The Forum Headquarters

For managing the Army 2015 International Military and Technical Forum, the headquarters were set up to operate during the event.

To support the operation of the headquarters, two operating rooms were provided with video walls with a multi-window capability for receiving signals from surveillance cameras and monitoring equipment of various security systems.

For working meetings, the rooms were equipped with sound systems, facilities for connecting video conferencing equipment, and discussion systems.


Distributed display system

A multi-purpose platform compatible with arbitrary types of display systems was installed in the Patriot Park to set up a digital signage channel with centralized publication management and provide access to shared information resources.

The systems allows for combining different types of information content (graphics, videos, presentations, RSS, streaming video, etc.) in multi-window layouts with a capability to combine content broadcasted in a centralized manner throughout the Park (such as direct broadcasts from the area of live demonstration of machinery) with that relevant to the given zone of the Park.

The system combines façade-mounted video screens, LED video screens in lobbies, LCD displays in the Press Center building and the Defense Industry pavilion, information steles throughout the grounds of the Park, and video screens at the central checkpoint and in catering areas.

For example, the lobbies of the Press Center have Full HD LED screens that can display direct broadcasts from meeting halls and presentation materials for visitors, as well as work as a press wall.

LCD displays are installed in different zones of the Press Center and the Defense Industry pavilion and in the main VIP entrance lobby to keep visitors always informed of activities taking place in the Park, no matter where they are.

Similar displays and video walls are installed in restaurants and cafes.

The Digital Signage platform provides a multi-level access to content management and assignment of rights and roles of users and administrators. Thus, every user responsible for the content has access to publishing content only in those areas of the Park that he or she has access to.

The Park’s multi-purpose network infrastructure, integrating both wire and wireless segments, is used to transmit content and remotely control the equipment.

The system supports touch display devices (including the capability of combining functions of information displays with those of interactive kiosks). Based on this, a range of interactive steles were installed throughout the grounds of the Patriot Park to display various content, provide users with access to the Forum’s information portal, and offer convenient navigation throughout the Park.

The interactive steles at the entrance to each pavilion are provided with LCD displays with enhanced brightness and a built-in climate control system to maintain optimal conditions inside the casing both in the summer heat and the winter cold.

One of the major functions in a distributed system is the capability to remotely monitor the operability of the software and hardware of interactive steles (including temperature parameters, the condition of devices, and the integrity of the system/connections).

Thanks to the unique design of the casing, steles can be combined, if necessary, into a coupled information unit with the two sides comprised of display panels and the other two providing a space for placing random printed media.

Such information units were placed inside the pavilions with stands and demonstration platforms of the companies participating in the Army 2015 Forum.


Distributed sound system

To provide ambient sound at the expositions and in functional areas and to ensure that visitors are kept informed in real time, a distributed sound system was installed on the grounds of the Patriot Park.

The system encompasses the parking lots in the Park, open exposition areas, the Patriot railway station, and the exhibition spaces.

The number, location, power and sound parameters of the loudspeaker systems were chosen to provide high speech illegibility and high-quality sound. Street loudspeakers are used in the Park’s open areas, at the parking lot and the railway station.

Sound systems combining in total more than 400 loudspeaker systems have also been installed in the exhibition pavilions, cafes, restaurants and the forum headquarters.

The sound system has a distributed backup architecture and is built on network sound processors using the state-of-the-art technology, such as AVB and CobraNET. The Park’s multi-purpose IP infrastructure is used to transmit and distribute audio signals and control commands.

The system allows for zoning and has a function of targeted information announcements in any zone of the Park. Some of the administrator workstations are provided with paging consoles. Pre-recorded voice messages can be played to provide automated information announcements.

To learn more about the Park development, please read our next article.