INTER RAO UES Trading Center: Real Visualization

The main objectives of the project that in particular included continuous 24-hour operation of software and hardware; monitoring of the key process facilities of INTER RAO UES, displaying of graphics and texts, including data from SCADA systems and the video conference system (VCS), TV signals, as well as sound amplification in the hall and audio stream broadcasting to workstations, required a system and creative approach of the contractors. 

Grand hall

A 9150х3050 mm video wall based on 36 Mitsubishi VS-PE75U projection engines was installed in the Trading Center's grand hall. A sophisticated architectural feature — the ridge roof —was no surprise for the specialists who found the right engineering solution to successfully install the main visualization system.

Each projection engine of the video wall has the resolution of 1400x1050 and uses a LED light source of 810 lumens (ANSI) that can last up to 80,000 hours on a 24x7 basis without being replaced. Gaps between individual screens do not exceed 1mm. 

It is important to note that the projection engines use an air cooling system that does not require consumables. Built-in sensors accurately control the color and brightness balance across the entire video wall screen.

Two Jupiter Fusion FC4000 video controllers ensure 24x7 operation of the system. One of them is used as the main controller and the other as a backup one, allowing for continuous operation even if equipment fails.

The system is additionally secured by built-in automated performance monitoring, backup and event monitoring features. Moreover, all the equipment is connected to UPS units.

Nvision Group has developed and installed a sound amplification and audio broadcasting solution. It takes into account all architectural features of the room and delivers clear sound in any place of the hall in all modes of operation. The solution includes the following equipment:

  • Converge PRO 880 TA mixer;
  • Ceiling-mounted loudspeaker systems with polypropylene 80W subwoofers;
  • Beyerdynamic OPUS 660 D 16-channel radio system with two handheld SDM 660 transmitters;
  • AVerTV DVI Box 1080i TV tuner with Digital Video Interface (DVI).

In addition, the Grand Hall is provided with a centralized AV equipment control subsystem based on Crestron PRO2 controller. Thanks to the interface specially designed by Nvision Group, users can operate and control the entire system using Crestron color touch screen panels. This renders the solution even easier to operate.

Small hall

The main visualization system installed by Avilex in the Small Hall, which is primarily used as a training center, is a 7257х2041 mm video wall comprised of eighteen Mitsubishi VS-L55HM70U  professional 55''Full HD LED-backlit LCD panels. A distinguishing characteristic of these displays is high brightness (700 cd/m2) which is uniform across the entire video wall surface thanks to the built-in adjustment system. This is especially important for prolonged and comfortable work with information. In addition to displaying general information across the entire surface of the multiple screen, VCS signals can be transmitted to a separate panel.

Another feature of the video wall is a Mitsubishi's proprietary mount allowing for front access to the system for maintenance purposes. Gaps between individual screens in the wall are as little as 5.7mm.

24х7х365 operation is supported by one Jupiter Fusion video controller. Similarly to the Grand Hall, the system is additionally backed up by a UPS unit.

The system features automated performance monitoring of individual components and subsystems for detecting malfunctions and failures.  The controller's software continuously monitors key hardware performance parameters, informs the user of dangerous changes in parameters and logs events.

The Small Hall also has a centralized hardware operation and control system based on a 12'' touch screen using a specially designed interface.

Installation of projection cubes (video)

Installation of LCD displays (video)