Upgrading of the audiovisual system in Gazprom office

Avilex has completed a range of works to upgrade the audiovisual system in Gazprom management office area located at the top of the main building glass pyramid and used for special events and top-level negotiations involving the Chairman of the Board of Gazprom.

At the start of the upgrading project, the audiovisual system used only analog signals, which did not ensure a proper image quality to meet modern standards.

The round table for attendees was equipped with built-in monitors with an outdated 4 by 3 aspect ratio.  In addition, the monitors were mounted on a rising central section of the table. When in use, it made other participants less visible, thus rendering meetings uncomfortable.

A creative approach to providing visualization, the design solutions implemented, and custom-made furniture have created a highly ergonomic and comfortable working environment in the hall.

One of the most difficult problems was upgrading the conference table for 12 persons. The Company has developed an exclusive solution comprised of a new table that, while keeping the general contours and dimensions unchanged, has the shape of a bowl with six ArthurHolm Dynamic 3 motorized monitors (with a screen size of 17.3 inches) installed in it and covered with a single anti-reflective impact-resistant glass.

The central part of the table had a space for fresh flowers which also prevented participants from being able to freely interact with each other at the table. To resolve this, the central drum of the table on which the protective glasses rest and the glasses themselves were made removable. 

This solution allows for using the conference table in different configurations depending on the event held in the hall.

12 built-in microphone consoles of a Bosch DCN-NG discussion system are installed along the table perimeter. They are connected to a simultaneous interpretation system and allow for the selection of an interpretation channel for each participant.

In the center of the table, there is a Bosch Full HD 360-decree rotation video camera which is used for video conferencing and monitoring of activities in the hall on operators’ control monitors.

The discussion system microphones amplify the speaker’s speech, set the time limits for presentations with the chairperson’s priority function (where all microphones are automatically switched off when the chairperson speaks), and automatically point the central video conferencing camera at the speaker whenever a microphone is activated.

The reflections on the glass surface, being the main problem in this kind of rooms, were eliminated by applying a special anti-reflective coating to the glass. When looked at from an attendee’s place, the picture on the monitor is clearly visible and undistorted.  All the necessary removable elements of the table are provided for convenient maintenance of the equipment installed.

Two architectural AMX interfaces are built in into the side supports of the round table in opposition to each other, allowing for connecting brought-in laptops to send the image from them to the duplicate screens around the table and the displays on the table, as well as for using them as a presentation source during video conferences.

The second part of the audiovisual system upgrading project dealt with the utility services and the operator room where the outdated and inoperable equipment was dismantled, new cable lines laid, unused cable lines disconnected and removed, and new modern hardware featuring redundant, scalable architecture, modular design and digital links for switching and transmission of audio, video and control signals over fiber optic and twisted pair communication lines was installed and set up.

The operator room was provided with two 10-inch AMX touch control panels, control monitors, a laptop, and four HP Z230 workstations switched and controlled by an Adder KVM switch. The second operator’s workstation with a connection point for brought-in demonstration equipment and an AMX touch control panel is located directly in the hall.

A new, modern, intuitive graphical user interface was developed for all touch control panels (including the two existing wall-mounted panels in the hall). It fully meets all customer requirements and provides the control of equipment power supply, motorized monitors at the round table, audio-video sources and switching , video conferencing equipment, microphones of the discussion system, video cameras, as well as lighting sets and mechanical systems in the hall (blinds, curtains, and mobile partitions).

Besides, three interpreter booths are provided with additional equipment. Each was equipped with two HP LCD monitors: one is used to display the participant’s image from the hall and the other may, depending on the activity, display either the image of a remote participant of the videoconference or a presentation or video content.

The upgrading project made the system of switching and management of the audiovisual system modern and convenient, introduced centralized control of the system’s functionality, monitoring of equipment operability, as well as implemented the functions of preparing, displaying and storing graphic and presentation materials and media content, recording events, and video conferencing.

High qualification of the Company’s employees and competent project management efforts allowed for timely creation of a modern system that meets the highest standards for audiovisual and information technologies. The work of Avilex was highly appreciated by the management of Gazprom PJSC.