Military-Patriotic Park of Culture and Recreation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation

In 2016, Patriot Park (the Military-Patriotic Park of Culture and Recreation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation) became a sought-after venue for many large-scale events and its grounds continue to be actively developed. This article describes a project for the first phase of equipping the Park.


Multi-Purpose Training and Demonstration Center

In 2015, the exhibits of the ARMY-2015 forum were located in a standalone tent camp and mobile tent shelters in the form of rapidly erected prefabricated hangars.

A Multi-Purpose Training and Demonstration Center was built in less than one year by the opening of the ARMY 2016 International Military and Technical Forum. It is a perfect venue for exhibitions, congresses, and forums of almost any scale and format. The Center has an area of 80,000 square meters and includes four covered exhibition pavilions with exhibition spaces for the display of product samples and exhibition stands, negotiation rooms of various formats, meeting rooms, food courts, spacious lobbies and halls.  

The Multi-Purpose Training and Demonstration Center in the Patriot Park has necessary capabilities to be used for:

•      Arranging and conducting events sponsored by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation;

•      Demonstrating achievements of the defense industry;

•      Arranging and conducting industrial exhibitions, international forums and fairs;

•      Arranging and conducting cultural and entertainment events (music and art festivals, concerts, corporate events);

•      As a permanent exhibition in the defense industry cluster;

•      Congresses, business forums, conferences, seminars, meetings, sessions, presentations and training workshops.

The pavilions are provided with modern presentation and exhibition equipment that meets international standards. Each of the covered pavilions has two LED screens measuring 10,240 х 5,760 mm to display different presentation and information content.

More than 300 loudspeaker systems are used to provide sound in the exhibition pavilions.

The common areas of the Center are provided with LCD displays and video walls of different formats to display navigation information, presentation materials, and live broadcasts of the events held in the Park. In total, about 200 displays with a diagonal ranging from 55 to 80 inches were used to equip the Center. Most of the displays have a built-in media player to transmit information via the Park’s local network.

More than 100 loudspeaker systems are used to provide sound in the common areas and in the area in front of the Center.

The display of information is controlled both in a centralized way from the main control room of the Press Center and locally from of the Center’s control rooms (a central control room and three automated workstations in inserts).

Information advertisements in the building are delivered using network paging stations — three of them are installed at the entrance lobbies and three others are available at administrator workstations. The negotiation areas include VIP rooms that have permanent equipment and can be transformed into negotiation rooms to provide required flexibility of activities.

In the future, it is planned to equip a multi-purpose transformable hall with 700 seats in the central section of the building, which will be provided with state-of-the-art multimedia equipment.


Alabino training ground

In the Alabino training ground, which forms a part of the Park, Avilex created an audiovisual system aimed to support different events and competitions with the use of armored vehicles, such as several phases of the international army games (ARMIIGRY-2016), tank biathlon and other activities.

Mobile weatherproof LED screens were used in the catering areas and near the entrance to the VIP stands.  Avilex offered to use these screens because the area of the Park is huge and therefore display devices need to be easily movable, and also because there is no need for screens to be installed on a permanent basis, as events take place according to a pre-determined schedule. At the same time, it is undesirable to use rental options every time.  LED screens with an automatic folding mechanism that are installed in a mobile container became an ideal solution. Whenever a screen needs to be installed, it is brought by a truck to the site and unfolded into a working position within a short period of time.


Equipment of the central stand

The central stand at the Alabino training ground is a facility comprised of outdoor stands for VIP guests, benches for judges, and a command station.

The outdoor stands are provided with LCD displays that show live broadcasts from different areas of the training ground. Given that the stands are tent structures and are not used on a permanent basis, a mobile solution was also used in this case.  The displays are placed in weatherproof protective cases and installed on mobile supports. Sound for broadcasts is provided by portable loudspeaker systems. At the same time, a switching system is permanent, so that the organizers only need to place the equipment and connect it to the appropriate panels.

The command station is located in a permanent building. In addition to the visual monitoring devices, each workstation is equipped with an individual display and additional LCD displays for broadcasts (one display for every two workstations). The room is provided with a sound system.

On the top of the building, there is an open judging panel headquarters comprised of tent structures. Therefore, it has a broadcast display system similar to that used at the stands, with mobile displays in waterproof cases and portable sound systems. 


Partisan Village

A historical and memorial complex “Partisan Village” was opened in the Patriot Park in January 2016. It was created based on the information about the everyday life of real partisan detachments.

This is the first exhibition facility in Russia dedicated to the partisan movement, where exhibits and historical interiors along with modern technology help fully immerse visitors into the atmosphere of a partisan detachment. In the Partisan Village, Avilex created a sound system using acoustic schemes reproduced according to surviving drawings, and also provided multimedia equipment for the building of a club designed for thematic cultural events.


Kalashnikov Trade House

As part of the activities to develop the Park in 2016 and by the opening of the ARMY-2016 Forum, Avilex provided equipment for the Kalashnikov Trade House, a two-storey building with an exhibition pavilion.

The Trade House audiovisual system includes a video wall comprised of narrow bezel LCD displays and a sound system installed in the show and exhibition hall, display devices, video conference and control equipment for meeting rooms and executive offices, and an outdoor superboard – a standalone advertising structure with two LED video screens measuring 7,980 х 4,800 mm each.