Conference Hall of Olympstroy SC

Avilex implemented this interesting Project based on the advanced conference hall equipment concept. Architectural features including a low ceiling, side columns and long dimensions were analyzed and efficiently used by the Company specialists. In particular, Mitsubishi 52” wide screen LCD displays with the resolution of 1920х1080 pixels (Full HD) were installed as the main group display devices. This special solution was the only possible option in view of the ceiling height and the need to locate the presidium on the podium.

All information displayed on the screens is audience oriented. The displays are located at the left and right and in two additional rows. Besides, back up displays are mounted below the ceiling and oriented towards the presidium. Videoconferencing terminals, the presidium desktop interface and operator’s presentation notebooks are used as video sources.

In general, the audiovisual equipment system ensures multitasking functionality of the conference hall, considerably improves the events engineering level and offers the following opportunities:

  • Wide screen LCD displays;
  • Multiwindow information output from various sources to basic and auxiliary displays;
  • Making reports at the tribune and top table;
  • Smart sound amplifier for speech and audio sources;
  • Integrated equipment system control using a common intuitive interface.

JBL Control systems are used as public address loudspeakers. Biamp Nexia CS audio processor is responsible for dynamic handling and audio streaming. Sound recording modes can be controlled remotely using the integrated control system.

Microphone panels of the digital Bosch congress system are installed at the tribune and top table, which enables automatic video camera pointing at the active participant. Three radio microphones are installed for participants in the hall.

Polycom terminal equipment ensures event broadcasting for users located in other cities as well as videoconferencing and live link-up functionalities. The existing RSS 2000 server of Olympstroy SC can be used directly for broadcasting via the network. This equipment will enable users to watch high quality videoconference materials and presentation slides.

An integrated control system based on AMX equipment is provided as part of the hall hardware package for remote and real time system hardware control. The consumer device of the control system is represented by a touchpad. The control system graphic interface comprises all the required remote equipment controls including an input selector on a matrix switch, volume control, and microphone control.

The cut-in architectural interface is used to connect notebooks and a mobile document camera installed on the top table.

Video signals are transferred and switched in digital DVI format via a fiber optic line, which provides high image quality preventing signal alteration.