Moscow Government Press Center

Avilex has created a modern, multi-purpose solution capable of providing a high level of technology at meetings and expand the usual range of capabilities of a press center.

The equipment and furniture layout is traditional for a press center, with the main room having 60 auditorium seats and a top table on a small podium.

Each working place at the top table is provided with Beyerdynamic microphone console using Revoluto technology which provides the highest quality of sound and intelligibility of speech, and gives full freedom to speakers who can either stand or sit as they speak without changing the position of the microphone. Moreover, the working places at the top table are equipped with 18-inch SMART Podium interactive displays with an annotation function to visually draw attention of the audience to a specific part of video content displayed on the video wall. Electronic annotations are superimposed over the images shown on the screen.

The key advantage of the solution is that a standard press wall or 

banner behind the participants is replaced with a high tech display system.  Almost the entire wall behind the top table consists of a video screen made up of fifteen 55-inch Mitsubishi Electric seamless displays (with a total resolution of 9600 x 3240 pixels). The use of the video wall takes the events held at the Press Center to a brand new level, adding meaningful imagery to press conferences. The screen not only allows for displaying dynamic background images, but also for accompanying speeches with presentations, photos, videos and other content. The solution also allows for combining presentation materials and “live” sources on the screen in an arbitrary fashion.

Video shooting is done using five high definition Sony TV cameras which can send images and sound both to the internal broadcast system in the building of the Moscow Government and to TV centers (TV Center and VGTRK) via optical fiber networks. The cameras are mounted on controllable swivels and have several lenses and protective filters, which allows for having a view of the entire room and adapting the shooting image to a variety of tasks.

The press center hall is divided by a glass partition into two spaces: the main room and a room equipped with working places for article writers.

The entire process of content delivery to the video wall, sound reinforcement and video broadcasting is controlled from a control room, which is not only provided with switching and signal distribution equipment, but also has a working place for the assistant, including monitors for control of incoming and outgoing signals and AMX touch control panel with a specially designed user interface. In addition to the underlay, the video wall can simultaneously display up to 6 DVI/HDMI digital video signals and up to 4 HD-SDI video signals.

The assistant can use the touch panel to choose sources for displaying content on the screen, adjust the size of the displayed image window and its location on the screen, as well as to make different combinations of windows with the required number of video signals.